Thank you for your interest in The Pines, proudly, a smoke-free community.    

The Pre-Application Form and its cover letter will help you determine if you are eligible to live at The Pines based on your income and status as a person(s) 62 or older or a person (s) under the age of 62 with a verifiable disability.   Please complete the form and return by mail or email,  being sure to sign in the appropriate areas.  Do not leave any spaces blank including “birthdate”.  It is very important that you give accurate information regarding what you have in the bank (savings, checking, CD’s, money market accounts) and gross income (wages, Social Security/SSI, Disability and/or what you get before Medicare or other insurance premiums are taken out).   If you are under 62 please call us ASAP to receive the Disability Verification form required by HUD.

After we receive the forms enclosed, we will determine your eligibility.  The full application will be sent to you if you are eligible.  If not you will receive a letter indicating the reasons your application was terminated.

When you are approved your name and date of approved application will go on our Waitlist.  The Waitlist is maintained by date and preferences allowed.  On average the Waitlist can be 18 – 24 months long.  Feel free to include a letter with additional facts you judge are important to your application.  Every year we will send you a letter asking if you still wish to be included on the Waitlist.  If we do not hear back your name will be removed.  It is very important to let us know of any address or needs changes while you are on the Waitlist.  As your name approaches the top of the list we will notify you of an interview to which you will bring verification documents that complete the file. 

In the meantime, we are happy to answer questions when you call, Monday - Thursday from 9 am - 3 pm.  We look forward to continuing the application process with you.