About Daily Life

Mail is delivered to the mailrooms in the The Pines Community Building (for The Pines at Ocean Park residents ) and in Pinewood (for Pinewood Manor residents) and is sorted into individual mailboxes.

There is  a laundry room with coin operated washers and dryers located at each property,  The Pines Community Building  and Pinewood Manor on the second floor.

There are two libraries on campus, one in The Pines Community Building and one on the second floor of Pinewood Manor. In addition to our own racks, Libby Memorial Library loans to The Pines as well.

Many activities are offered on a regular basis. These are often organized by residents or are offered through local adult education programs.

The on site Tenant Services Coordinator is available during the week to assist with getting information for home or personal care. The Coordinator can also act as liaison during medical crises or during other transitional periods.

Parking is assigned one space per household with visitor parking at designated areas. No parking is allowed on internal roadways or lawns.

Can residents have birdfeeders?

Residents may not feed the chipmunks, squirrels, crows, or seagulls on either The Pines at Ocean Park property or Pinewood Manor property.  Squirrels, chipmunks, mice and seagulls can and have caused damage to outdoor furniture, automobiles, buildings, etc. Seek the deeper woods or the beach to satisfy your need to feed the animals.

What is the pet policy?

The Pines' policy allows for one domestic pet per household.

Is there someone in the community to walk and/or groom pets?

Residents owning pets are responsible for controlling the pet and maintaining sanitary conditions inside and outside the apartment.

Is there a storage unit for residents’ items that do not fit in the apartment?

Each apartment has customary kitchen cupboards and closets in the bedroom and for linens and coats. A limited amount of outdoor furniture may be stored on the unit's balcony/deck during winter months. Individuals are obliged to seek other facilities to store unused items.

Are the apartments air-conditioned?

Residents must provide an appropriate sized air conditioner (see Housing Rules) in The Pines at Ocean Park apartments and pay a seasonal rate to have air-conditioning.  Since 2020 each Pinewood Manor apartment has been renovated to include an air conditioner mounted in the wall.   Residents must pay a seasonal rate to have the ACs turned on.  Some of the community's common areas are air-conditioned for all residents to enjoy.

How many rooms are in the apartments?

All the apartments are single bedroom units that have fully applianced kitchens and bathrooms.  There is a separate living/sitting room.

However, what if a pipe has burst?    What if the faucet drips?

If it is during business hours (Monday - Friday, 7 am - 4 pm) please call the Business Office as soon as possible to create a work order.  If it is after business hours or on a weekend/holiday, please follow the instructions on the 207 934-2157 message to contact the on call staff member.  Inconveniences can be reported but will receive attention when time permits. 

What if I have an emergency?

Medical emergencies must call 911.  There are emergency pull cords in the bath and bedrooms. 

Where do I put the trash?

 Dumpsters for both trash and recycling are on each property site.  Recycling is encouraged.   Large items or hazardous items require removal that carries a fee.

Is smoking allowed?

Both The Pines at Ocean Park and Pinewood Manor are non smoking properties, both inside the apartment and on the entire outside property.    Residents and guests must smoke off the campus propery.