How do I apply to live at The Pines?

  • Fill out an Pre -Application Form and return to the address on the form.
  • Fill a Verification of Disability form (signed by a physician) if you are under the age of 62
  • Once your information is received by the Admissions Office the Admissions Counselor will be in touch with you. 

Can more than one person live in the apartments?

Yes, all of the apartments are rated for up to 2 people. 

Can I fill out the application for my spouse/partner?

If two people are applying to live in the same apartment, each person must apply separately,  filling out individual forms for medical reference, background check and citizenship.

Can I have someone live with me to help take care of me who is not my spouse?

Yes.  HUD does allow a “live in aid” to help care for a resident.  But the person must still go through the application process and complete the appropriate forms for general information and background checks.  

Do you have a waiting list?   How long do I have to wait before I can move in?

We do have a waiting list for both The Pines at Ocean Park and Pinewood Manor properties.  Our average wait can run from 18 to 36 months.  Please do not call the Admissions Office to ask where you are on the waitlist.  Every year we send out letters to each person on the waitlist to verify if they are still interested in being on the waitlist.  If we do not hear back from an applicant the application will be removed from our list.   

Can my children live with me?

HUD will not allow children over 18 years of age to live with a resident.  

How much money can I make and live at The Pines?

The income guidelines shown below indicate the maximum gross yearly earnings allowed to qualify in 2022

           Extremely Low:                                    Very Low:

  • 1 person -  $23,450                               1 person -  $39,100
  • 2 people -  $26,800                               2 person - $44,700

Why is there a limit on the amount of income?

Income limits are set according to HUD guidelines. Each year HUD establishes new guidelines for income limits.

Can I have a retirement or pension account in addition to my Social Security?

Yes, but any retirement account or pension or annuity (also known as assets) over $5000 will have a percentage of asset equity value added together with your income in order to determine your “total” income.   All income and asset accounts require third party verification.

How much of my income must I pay towards rent?

Both Pinewood Manor and The Pines at Ocean Park have Section 8 project contract with HUD and after allowable deductions, rent is determined as 30% of average monthly income.

The Pines offers Equal Housing Opportunity  to people over the age of 62 and people with disabilities. We do not discriminate in housing, services or any other aspect of life based on race, color, religion, sex, ancestry, national origin, disability or as a recipient of public assistance.