Our Mission

A Short History of The Pines

During the summer of 1969, six youth from the New England Baptist Council (NEBC) Youth Conferencing camp in Ocean Park, Maine researched a mission project with and for seniors.  Among their findings was the alarming fact that scores of senior citizens, living on fixed incomes, were paying as much as 65-70% of their total income on housing.  When Rev. Robert Baggs (Executive Secretary of NEBC) became aware of their findings he partnered with The American Baptist Churched of Massachusetts (TABCOM) and The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to develop a vision that culminated in the dedication on July 23, 1972 of 61 affordable housing apartments, known as Oceanview Manor, Inc.  In 1981, Pinewood Manor, Inc opened with an additional 50 affordable apartments and 43 years Oceanview Manor and Pinewood Manor, together ‘The Pines’, offered affordable housing on the beautiful shores of Ocean Park, Maine.

In 2015 the apartments which had been part of Oceanview Manor, Inc. were renamed, The Pines at Ocean Park, LP.  Through partnerships with HUD, Mainehousing, LIHTC and AHP programs the entire property is under rehabilitation, scheduled to be completed in early 2017.   After many years of management by New England Baptist Council, in 2016 Oceanview Manor, Inc. will become the Property Manager of both The Pines at Ocean Park and Pinewood Manor.

The Pines Mission

  • To provide safe, affordable housing
  • To encourage maximum independence in a caring environment

The Pines Vision

To address changing housing needs by:

  • providing environmentally responsible and attractive
  • expanding resources and services
  • exploring funding opportunities for growth
  • enhancing relationships with the greater community