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The Pines office will be closed for Memorial Day on Monday, May 27th.   If you have a maintenance emergency while the office is closed, please call 934-2157 and press 9 to reach the maintenance person on duty.

Resident Planning Meeting   May meeting will be Thursday, May 2nd @ 1pm.  Please call Doris Harris FMI (Apt 52) 205-9757.

On Friday, May 3rd @ 6pm there will be a meeting for all residents interested in using space in the raised bed gardens this summer.  If you are interested in cultivating a plot but can’t make the meeting, you must let Tammy know.  The meeting will take place at the raised beds on the Pines at Ocean Park side with Christine Alesch as well as the raised beds on Pinewood side with June Dowling.

Tuesday, May 14th @ 10am 10 Tips Nutrition Education PWDR The date for the next class has been moved to May 14th (originally 5/21).  Feel free to join us, learn useful tips, and sample a delicious recipe.  *May recipe will be Red Beans & Rice with homemade tortilla chips.

May 20thwill be the last Coffeetime Café by Sandy & Diane.  They’ve decided it might be time for someone else to take over.  If interested let Tammy know.

Visiting Nurses will hold the next Foot Care Clinic on the morning of Thursday,

May 23rd in the DHHR at Pinewood.  Please call the nurses directly at 284-4566 to schedule your appointment and remember to put it on your calendar.

Egg Cartons – The OOB Food Pantry is regularly in need of clean, empty egg cartons.  If you would like to contribute there is a collection box in the closet near the Pinewood Dining room and the Baggs room coat closet.  A Pinewood resident is a volunteer and will deliver them each week.

Free/Unwanted Items are not to be left sitting out in hopes that someone will need and take them.  Signs have been posted outside the Pinewood Laundry Room and the Library but things continue to be left there.  Please refrain from doing this as it creates distress and work for someone else.

The Residents Yard Sale set up will begin on Friday, May 24th @ 10am in the BR.  The annual sale will take place Memorial Day weekend.  This event helps to raise money to fund activities hosted by the Residents of the Pines.  If you have things you no longer need and are willing to donate contact Doris Harris at 205-9757.  If you have numerous items you no longer need you may want to consider renting your own table for $5.  There is a sign-up sheet in both lobbies for those reserving a table.  Lunch will be available at an affordable price on both Sat. & Sun.

Reminders to pet owners with warmer weather approaching and more people out and around, please be considerate of other resident’s spaces and be aware that not everyone is comfortable around animals.  Also, please remember to pick up after your pets and dispose of the waste properly. 

Reminder that lawn mowing will or has already started.  Be sure to close your windows to prevent dust.  Decks/patios are not to be used for household storage.  No storage containers may be kept on lawn areas or patios/decks.  Nothing may be leaned and/or propped up next to any part of the buildings.  No trash bags or tarps (blue or otherwise) are allowed.  Only furniture designed for outdoor use should be stored outside and only within the patio/deck area – not along the buildings. 

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