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We’ve been lucky with weather, but here are a couple of reminders for you.


Storm Clean Up Reminder Residents who chose not to be part of the winter snow removal agreement, please remember to pay attention to when clean up beings.  You will need to move your car.  If you have decided to take part in the winter agreement, please see Tammy for the appropriate paperwork to complete.


Visitors Please be sure to make your visitors aware of our winter snow clean-up procedures. It will be their responsibility to move their vehicle when we begin the clean-up process.  As you know the clean-up happens at the end of a storm.  It’s also important that if you have overnight guests they get a visitor parking pass from Tammy in the office. If during the clean-up process we are unable to locate the owner of a vehicle, the vehicle maybe towed at the owners expense.


Resident Planning Group Meeting  Thursday, February 6, 2020 1pm Baggs Room.


Yoga Starting on Sunday, February 9th @ 11am in the Baggs Room, Yoga Instructor Kristin Jordan will be here to lead classes.  There is no set fee; Kristin has requested a donation basis so that no one will be left out.  Sessions will be 4 weeks alternating every other week between the Baggs Room & the DHHR at Pinewood.  If you have any questions please contact Linda LaChapelle, #44 @ 632-6599.


Valentine’s Day All Resident Meeting  For our Valentine’s Day All Residents Meeting we would like have a dessert competition.  So if you bake and would like to take part in this friendly competition, please sign up on the sign-up sheets located by the mailboxes.   If you don’t bake we still hope that you will plan to attend the All Residents Meeting on Friday, February 14th @ 2pm in the PWDR, lots exciting things on the horizon. Come meet our new Resident Service Coordinator.


Pines Office Hours:  Reminder the Office hours are Monday-Friday 9am-1pm.  If you need to meet after 1pm, please call to schedule a time. Tammy is at extension #1.


Work Orders When completing a work order; please be sure to fill out the work order completely.


Pets Please be sure to clean up after your pets.  It has been brought to our attention that some messes have been left behind.


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